Design and launch a calligraphy course
Image - Kirill Sirotin
Calligraphy and lettering course for self-development, uncovering artistic potential and transformation words into real objects
Sometimes just sharing your idea to the right people is enough to run its realization. Talented art director and calligrapher with an experience in teaching and a methodology shared with me a desire to create his own calligraphic course.
Share idea
Let's start from minimum
To test this idea we started from a lean business modeling and marketing analysis. We focused on 3 types of customers and analysed their needs, pains and gains:
Office worker
Young creative entrepreneur
Young graphic designer
who wants to uncover artistic capabilities
who wants to design individual communication style
who wants to improve skills and increase confidence
We analyzed the main competitive online and offline courses and compared them with 2write's value proposition. Based on this analysis, we shaped education program and added unique elements in it. We counted revenue and cost structure.
Time to design
Based on the business model and marketing strategy we've designed a CJM and a service model, where we've matched front and back-office functions. The main touchpoints are:
Landing page
Course materials and content
Финальный продукт
Social media
for ads and following
for course presentation and sales
for sales and support
for classes
for work and a gift
for tangible result
2write collected a first group of students quite fast. 2 weeks of education in creative space, comfort evening schedule, easy going but focused and practical lessons made students happy with a process and results. 2write team tested business and service models and made some improvements for a next group.
It's just a beginning
Kirill Sirotin
Teacher, art director
Vitaly Fedosov
Service designer
4 months
Business design
Service design
Web design
Masha Kuzminykh
Project manager
Yulia Sankovich
Great people from 2sharp
and 2morrow agencies
Support and investment
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