Field research and CJM for a library transformation
Clients' existing library service system and internal design culture were out of the day, not effective and needed to be transformed. Such problem requires systemic approach. One of the activities in the transformation was research and analysis to identify problems of the service and opportunities for change and improvements.
Within this project I helped to plan and do service safari, and analyze customer experience in 4 different libraries in Moscow, Milan and New York.
Research strategy
Team work
Create a strategy and tactics for the field research in 4 libraries
Share the strategy with other researchers in New York and Moscow
Do the field research in 2 libraries in Milan area by myself
Collect storytellings and visual materials from researchers
Discuss and analyze research results and experience
Build CJM for each library and make conclusion
Service part for the research
to a library
Find and take
a book away
the book
4 CJM's for each library with problematic points and areas to compare
Visual and emotional storytelling about the experience in each library.

And a report with services' characteristics and conclusions
Brief conclusions
Libraries in NY and Milan
Client's library in Moscow
These libraries were focused on their users and employees and tended to design services according to their comfort:
  • These libraries were parts of the city's or region's systems with many points to register, get and return books.
  • Their online systems worked effectively.
  • Openness, simplicity, support, interactivity and flexibility were common features for these libraries.
On the contrary, client's library service in Moscow was focused on the internal old system instead of focus on users needs and their comfort:
  • Enclosed system without opportunity to take books away.
  • Complicated process with many unnecessary steps and paperwork.
  • Online system didn't work effectively.
  • Formality, strict rules, high level of control and low level of empathy and respect to the users and employees created a bad experience.

The whole clients' service system needed to be changed and fixed from customers' and employees' perspectives in its digital and physical layers. This research helped to figure out main problems and choose directions for further actions.
Alexey Eremin
Producer, business designer
Irina Anikina
Project manager, researcher
2 weeks
Vitaly Fedosov
Service designer, researcher
Alexey Alekhin
Evgeny Sangadziev
Volunteer, researcher
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